Spa Day Kit {PU}


Pamper Yourself…

What could be better than a day of rest, relaxation and pampering? Facial treatments to rejuvenate our skin, massages to de-stress and manicures and pedicures to beautify our nails - we all deserve the royal treatment sometimes! This kit contains women enjoying their spa experience as well as nail polishes in an array of gorgeous colors and a variety of tools of the trade. I've even included a ***BONUS PACK*** of the characters in additional skin tones! As always, you also get a wide selection of everyday elements including foliage, buttons, strings and ribbons. Two alphabets complete the kit for you to make your own page titles and word art. 
This huge kit contains 40 beautifully textured papers, 96 fun elements (PLUS an additional 6 characters in alternate skin tones) and two full alphabets. Both alphabets contain individual uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and some punctuation as well as full sheets. All items were created at 300 DPI, perfect for printing.
Elements include: 1 banner, 2 bows, 6 buttons, 1 candle, 1 clipping mask, 1 cucumber slice, 5 curling ribbons, 7 assorted flowers, 1 foot file, 1 frame, 3 girls (PLUS 6 additional characters in alternate skin tones), 1 glass of wine, 1 graffiti, 3 hearts, 6 labels, 7 leaves / stems, 1 lotion jar, 1 lotion tube, 1 mirror, 1 nail clippers, 1 nail polish brush, 8 nail polishes, 1 nail varnish, 1 netting, 1 page title, 1 paper clip, 4 quote cards, 1 quote sticker, 4 quote strips, 1 ribbon, 1 ricrac, 1 scalloped border, 1 scatter, 2 stars, 2 layered stitches, 1 stones, 5 strings, 1 tag, 2 pieces of tape, 1 toe separator, 1 wine bottle, 4 words


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