Herb Garden Kit {PU}


It’s Party Thyme!

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Herbs are savory and aromatic additions to all kinds of delicious dishes. They can be used as flavoring, garnishes, fragrance or even for medicinal purposes. Whether you buy them at your favorite store or grow your own fresh herbs, they are the perfect addition to lots of goodies. This kit is packed full of herbal and gardening elements as well as a large variety of everyday goodies, including flowers, strings and ribbons in a muted, natural color palette. Two full alphabets are included for creating your own fresh word art and page titles. 
This huge kit contains 44 beautifully textured papers, 111 fun elements and two full alphabets. Both alphabets contain individual uppercase letters, numbers and select punctuation as well as full sheets. All items were created at 300 DPI, perfect for printing.
Elements include: 1 arrow, 1 banner, 2 butterflies, 2 bows, 6 buttons, 1 clipping mask, 5 curling ribbons, 1 dill flower, 1 dill leaf, 7 assorted flowers, 1 gardening fork, 1 frame, 1 pair of gardening gloves, 1 graffiti, 2 hearts, 1 plain label, 17 labels, 7 leaves / stems, 3 mint leaves, 1 netting, 1 parsley, 6 potted herb plants (chives, dill, mint, parsley, sage, thyme), 1 empty pot, 3 quote cards, 3 quote stickers, 2 quote strips, 1 ribbon, 1 ricrac, 1 scalloped border, 1 sage, 1 scatter, 1 scissors, 3 seed packets, 1 spade, 1 spilled pot, 1 stacked pots, 1 staple, 2 stars, 1 stick, 2 layered stitches, 1 tag, 5 strings, 1 tag, 2 pieces of tape, 1 watering can, 6 words


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