A Nutty Christmas TORN PAPERS


Torn Papers Pack

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Every family has their own beloved Christmas traditions that bring them together. For many families, nothing drives home the holiday spirit like A Charlie Brown Christmas. If your family's cheer comes by way of the Peanuts gang, you'll love A Nutty Christmas. This bold, fun-filled kit is packed full of Christmas cheer and subtle nods to Charlie Brown. Document your time spent around the tree – and tv – with Charlie Brown, Sally, Linus, Lucy, and Snoopy. If your family's traditions don't include the Peanuts gang, this kit is still perfect for adding a pop of cheer to your scrapbooking pages. After all, who doesn't have A Nutty Christmas' worth of photos and stories to scrap?

This pack includes:

10 torn paper pieces:

• 7 strips
• 1 circle
• 1 heart
• 1 triangle


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