A Magical Frontier ANIMALS {PU}


Animal Embelishments

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Life on the frontier is the stuff of legends, especially when there's a little magic involved. A Magical Frontier pays tribute to the Wild West of old, as well as Frontierland at Disney World. The rich, earthy color palette immediately immerses you in the desert, while the fun and playful elements complement your photos perfectly. Featured elements include cowboys & cowgirls, sheriffs, thematic word art, cacti, and cow skulls. The full bundle also contains building for your own Main Street scene, desert animals, paint smears, and a Western alpha. So hitch up a horse—or a roller coaster—and ride away into the sunset with A Magical Frontier.

This pack includes:

  • 7 animals (armadillo, buffalo, coyote, mountain lion, prairie dog, quail, snake)


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