David & Goliath Kit {PU}


Trust in the Lord…

A classic Bible story, "David & Goliath" tells the story of a young man who puts his faith in God and was able to, against all odds, defeat a giant with nothing more than a slingshot and stones. This kit is perfect for documenting the trials in your life and how you were able to overcome them. It's also a wonderful kit to make your own Bible storybooks, for Sunday School lessons and so much more. The colors are perfect to use for fall / autumn themed layouts. 
This huge kit contains 36 beautifully textured papers, 87 fun elements and 2 full alphabets. The alphabets contain individual uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and some punctuation as well as alpha sheets. All items were created at 300 DPI, perfect for printing.
Elements include: 1 arrow, 1 banner, 1 bear, 2 bows, 6 buttons, 1 clipping mask (for your favorite photos / papers), 1 cross, 5 curling ribbons, 2 David characters, 9 assorted flowers, 1 frame, 1 Goliath character, 1 graffiti, 1 harp, 2 hearts, 1 King Saul character, 4 labels, 9 leaves / stems, 1 lion, 1 netting, 5 quote cards, 5 quote strips, 1 ribbon, 1 ricrac, 1 scalloped border, 1 scatter, 1 sheep, 1 shield, 1 slingshot, 1 sprig, 1 staple, 2 stars, 2 layered stitches, 5 stones, 4 strings, 1 tag, 2 pieces of tape, 1 tree


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