Bunny Tracks PAGE CURLS {PU}


Page Curls

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Bunny Tracks is a fun, playful Easter kit – perfect for egg hunts, following bunny tracks to find your basket, and meeting the Easter bunny. This kit's cozy color palette draws upon grassy green, sky blue, egg white, and a carrot-inspired orange to add a dash of fun to your layout. Featured thematic elements include a ton of bunnies, as well as Easter eggs, an Easter basket, lettuce, carrots, and pinwheels. There's also plenty of ribbons and bows, stitches and strings, and enough flowers to fully usher in spring. So hop to it and enjoy the hunt. Follow the rabbit to the cutest scrapbooking pages imaginable with Bunny Tracks.

This pack includes:

6 doodled page curls:

  • 3 solid papers with patterned curls
  • 3 patterned papers with solid curls


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