“Bless This Home” digital scrapbooking kit by BoomersGirl Designs!

🎉 Whether you’ve lived in the same cozy abode forever or embarked on various home adventures, this kit is a must-have to cherish your dwelling memories. 🏠💖

This adorable collection captures the essence of home with moving vehicles, cute characters, assorted houses, and more – perfect for documenting the journey of settling in or bidding farewell. 🚚🌸

Featuring 36 beautifully textured papers, 107 fun elements, and 2 full alphabets, this kit ensures your scrapbook reflects the warmth of home. 📸✉️ From flowers, ribbons, to leaves, every detail is crafted at 300 DPI for impeccable printing quality.

Unleash your creativity with elements like moving trucks, houses, hearts, and more! 🌈🏡 “Bless This Home” is your go-to for preserving the unique stories behind each dwelling. 📦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Celebrate the journey, the joy, and the coziness of home with BoomersGirl Designs’ delightful kit. 🎨✨

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